Saturday, April 3, 2010

Treehouse Update & Joe's birthday

Sometimes our great ideas are missing basic elements for success. In our case, the idea is a treehouse like this one.

We thought it would be a definite go considering that the treehouse in the article is also on the Kenai Penisula but after the maiden voyage to the land we are now questioning if it is possible. Our trees, at least the ones close to the cleared area, seem too small to support a cabin. Bummer. I think that we are going to stick with the original idea; make a quick "bunk house".

We are a little disappointed but have not given up, we know there are four perfect trees somewhere on our 9 acres that are just begging to have a tree house attached to them.

One another note, we went to Joe & Carlee's house last night to celebrate Joe's 28th birthday. Blake and Juley brought Joe and Pearl, it was nice to see them and Pearl is getting so big. We also had an unexpected visitor who earlier in the day had eaten the bark off of the tree in Joe & Carlee's yard. That's Alaska for you!

We made delicious homemade pizza in the oven and on the barbecue. Now we know that we can make pizza on the land, which is a good thing because we love to make pizza.

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