Friday, July 13, 2012

She might join the circus someday

Hazel seems to enjoy anything that could possibly involve her falling down. I quote Hazel "The higher and more dangerous the better, I'll even climb on a pile of wood that my dad got for free off craigslist"
No major injuries occurred while taking these pictures or during filming

Circus from Maple on Vimeo.

Cabin update

We finally made it down to the cabin after we got most of chores done at home. Everything was in great shape. The snow level must have been close to what we had in town or there are some really big hares lurking about, lots of saplings had been feasted on nearly three feet off the ground. We built a new outdoor kitchen with a wood stove and screened it all in. The roof is an Alaska signature, a tarp. We went with brown rather than blue to give an earthy appearance.  Next step is to put in counters, cupboards and even a sink. We also did our annual,sometimes  weekly, outhouse smoke out and bug count. I lost track at 1 million mosquitos and white socks, no need to worry about them going extinct.