Monday, September 27, 2010

Closing up

We decided it was time to close up for the year, 27 degrees in the morning and snow on the way home made us feel we made the right decision. Joe and Carlee came down for some hunting and berry picking. We got into a bunch of grouse and hares and Joe was able to connect on a few. The potato experiment was somewhat successful, we ended up with more than we put in the ground and have a better idea for next year. Lots of animals seen while down, many looked like they were heading south.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

27 weeks

Almost to the third trimester!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Stuff

Two weekends ago we added a lower window so we can see if any big hairy monsters are in the meadow before going out the door. Braces were added to the roof, Blake calls it over engineering, I call it job security and Kellie calls it fixing mistakes, however you see it the roof should do well with a snow load. Only time will tell. The potatoes are growing pretty good, should be ready in the next month. We've gotten into picking rose-hips and processing them to get a tasty nectar. Tons of low bush cranberries makes for easy picking. I've been on the prowl for grouse and have run into a few, tried with a sling shot but didn't have the punch I needed so switched to the 22 and got results. Joe told us about a viking game called Koob or something similar, we got our hands on it and is becoming slowly addictive. Russell thinks we're playing keep away. Kellie was able to soak up some sun and finish a book. I finally got a chance to jump my bmx, I was hoping Tom would be the first but he had a bum ankle. Here's an example of the big air I caught. We've been experimenting with candle power since we finally have to deal with darkness, I whipped out a few lantern prototypes over the weekend. All models allowed for about 6 feet of trip free night walking but aren't strong enough for a worry free stroll when it comes to big hairy monsters. Great weather and only 2 moose at the cabin this weekend and 3 last weekend. No bulls yet.