Friday, March 28, 2014


We were fortunate enough to be able to spend two weeks in Hawaii in.  We had a fantastic time (except for a few illnesses) and got to spend lots of time with Momo and Mike.  Hazel had pnemonia before we left, she had a fever of 105 the day before we left but doctors ok'd her to fly.  She recovered quickly once we were there.  Kellie got a lovely cough a few days after our arrival and Cahill developed a fever 3 days before we left.  Pat was healthy the entire time (lucky).  We stayed at a friends mothers house and got to experience island life off-grid, which was great.  Pat hunted pigs and turkeys almost every evening and some mornings.  He saw lots of pigs and turkeys but learned that they were harder to get than originally thought.  He learned a lot about the pros and cons of a compound bow and the benefits of using a traditional bow for hunting pigs.  He got one turkey on the last day and man was it delicious!  Lots of beach time and family time made a perfect vacation for us.

Hitching a ride

 First time experiencing sand at Old Airport Beach in Kailua-Kona

Hanging with Marylou and Brian in Kohala Ranch

Waimea Farmers Market

 Beach 69 with Momo, Mike and Marylou
Smelling the sand

So romantic....

 Kikaua Point Beach
First time swimming in salt water, she wasn't to excited about the ocean because of the waves.  No waves here!

 Spencer Beach

We headed to the Eastside of the Island for a few days of sightseeing.

Akaka Falls

 Waipio Valley Overlook

 We stayed at this wonderful 2 bedroom cottage, perfect for us and very reasonable.

Kaimu Beach Park, a young black sand beach.  It was amazing with a fun walk through lava fields to get to it.

 Isaac Hale Park for lunch and some kite flying

 Back at the Cottage for some coconut cracking.

 Hawaii Volcanos National Park - not super excited during the day, you can't see any lava.  Next time we will go at night.

Thurston Lava Tube


Heading Home!