Saturday, August 25, 2012

Harvest Season

We've been busy turning meats into other forms of meat as well as picking more and more each day out of our garden. Hazel uses the beans,peas and broccoli as an outdoor snack bar and has been drawing up some plans for next years garden. We have more tomatoes that we ever imagined which is a good thing. We are eager to get our first egg from the chickens or our first home grown chicken for dinner if any end up as a rooster. Kellie is nearing completion on the back bedroom, it's only taken us a little while to finish.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Caribou and Berries on the Denali Highway

Kellie,Hazel and I had a great trip on the Denali Highway. We saw a few animals,picked some blue berries,shot a small bull caribou and had great weather. We also made a side trip north to Denali National Park and Healy to visit with Gerine and pickup the bear that Grandpa Don made for us. We all really enjoy the bear,thanks! Hazel is a great traveler and enjoyed books both there and back.

Reds and Guests from near,far and further away

We were happy to have Grandma Shirley, Tyler, Brother Joe, David and Lindsey and a few others join us at the cabin during the red run.