Tuesday, April 13, 2010


What a weekend we had! It was supposed to go a little something like this.
Blakes birthday on Saturday. Taxes needed to be done. Condo needs paint and organization. All of this was side tracked by a moose. When we got to Blake and Juley's house on Saturday Blake was on the phone. Juley said he was getting "the call". The call is road kill. We, the Adolfae's, are on this list and they called right as we got there for the party. The boys loaded up the trailer lightening fast and headed out, leaving us ladies to BBQ and party without the boys. They arrived shortly with a moose wrapped in a tarp and strapped to the trailer. All that evening and all the next day they processed the meat. Ground, vacuum packed and delivered to all the people involved by Sunday night. The next day Blake called and said that the moose meat was tainted and we had to return it all. The moose had been tranquilized 34 days ago to have a tracking collar put on it. The tranquilizer stays in the animals system for 45 days and was unsafe to eat. That stinks in so many ways. First, it was a lot of work and second, we had already eaten some. Blake spoke to the biologist and got documentation on what sort of chemicals we might have coursing through our veins but other than that there was not much we could do AND we didn't get any moose meat. They returned us to the top of the list, so lucky us, we get to do it all again soon.

Happier times

On another note, our condo is officially on the market. Tell your friends!

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