Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mission not so accomplished

Nothing compares to fishing the Kenai in late July for red salmon. They are fast and furious and a blast to catch. The bummer is, you are only aloud 3 a day per person. Obviously that is not enough. So what we do is what we call "Fish Camp", basically we fish and then sleep in the car for a week so we can stock the freezer. It is so much fun. Why do we sleep in the car you ask? Bears. I feel safer with metal and glass between me and a snarly grizzly than a flimsy nylon tent. Call me crazy, I just sleep better.

We are always looking for a nice place to build a cabin for a permanent fish camp and WE GOT IT! Last year we found 9 acres off Funny River Road in Soldotna. The lot has a previously cleared drive and a "basement" was built but is in ruins and will be demolished, which I am secretly super delighted about! Some of the interior wood is still good so I can not light it on fire as I had previously hoped but tearing down nail by nail will be just as fun.

Our plan is build a bunk house in a few days in spring and then build a cook shelter and anything else that we decided needs to be done, then we will build a real cabin in a year or two. This is the beginning of our documentation of this adventure.

Our first trip to the land was March 27, two weeks later than Spring Break, that is when we originally were going to take the maiden voyage to the land. It was not exactly what we thought it would be. Turnagain Pass was fine on the way over, a little bit of snowfall but we were behind the snow plow for the most of it. It was smooth sailing the rest of the way to Detroit Street where we discovered that the road still had too much snow to drive on. We parked and unloaded the car and made several trips down the quarter mile road to our land, it was so magical to see OUR land covered in an untouched blanket of snow. The magic wore off as we realized that we could do nothing due to said lovely snow. The basement could not be demolished, too much wet snow on top and there really is some reusable lumber inside it. There also is a stove inside that is rusty and the door is broken but we still want to get it out and we couldn't do that with out a vehicle, too heavy. So we decided to drive back home.

To say the pass had gotten worse would be an understatement. It was snowing hard and with huge flakes. That, with the 10 foot high snow walls on the sides of the road was a little nerve wracking. It snowed the whole way around Turnagain Arm until just about Rabbit Creek. Could have used a hot tub to relax when we got home, that's for sure.

We will try again in a couple weeks.

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