Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We set out this time to get the holes positioned and dug for the bunk house. Neither Pat or I have ever built anything from the ground up so each stage requires a lot of discussion and figuring. Thank goodness Pat is good at visualizing each step just by reading instructions and I am good at working things out as things develop. It makes it easy to work with each other on these fiddly tasks. We located the four corners using batterboards and a carpenters angle and dug the holes for the footings. The ground is about 6" moss and organics and then from there on down it is clay. The first couple inches is soft clay, then you hit a good 6" layer of frozen clay that you have to chip away at with a pick axe to get through, we refer to this as "ice dirt". Once through this layer it is easy digging once again.Pat successfully removed 4 of the 10 metal post buried around the basement, no easy task.

The basement roof collapsed, thanks to Pat beating the tar out of it. Lots of wood will be able to be reused for future projects.

Oh, and Pat found a was to keep his beer cold, see last post.

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