Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Expect nothing and you could be pleasantly surprised. That is our new take on the land. We went down last weekend expecting nothing and we were happy to see that the road had dried considerably. Still mushy in spots but a huge improvement to what we had encountered before. We still could not drive in but Pat used old wheelchair wheels to make what we refer to as the Randy Shaw. Genius.
We built a temporary structure just to keep our stuff and ourselves dry. We tried two different versions and went with this one.
The basement got worked also. Got most of the floor boards off and started on the beams. It was a tough job, but enjoyed by all. We met the neighbors who informed us that there was once a cabin atop that basement and they tore it down when they sold it to the people we bought it from. I think that they burned the cabin in the fire pit. It is FULL of glass, metal, stove elements, wiring and so many nails and screws you would think you were at the hardware store.
Garbage was cleaned up and is ready for the exchange (dump) when we can get the truck in to haul it.

We had a beautiful couple days and feel really good about our progress.

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