Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shingles,Paint,Door,Deck,Kitchen,Beer Cooler and Moose

We got a lot done this last trip. Blake and Joe came down, Red too, and knocked out the shingle job. They did an awesome job, what they did in a few hours would have taken us many days. Blake wanted to be the weather vane and Joe was playing peek-a-boo, I had to lure them off the roof with beer. We did some fishing but no reds yet. Kellie and I mixed up a few jugs of paint I had laying around and ended up with a beautiful grey, like a battle ship. We gave it a paint job and finished with some siding strips. I built a door out of some scrap, suck in your gut if it's over 22.5 inches and lower your head if your over 6 feet. We put on a deck and a few steps, also added a few big rocks for dad. I put together a kitchen with some scrap wood a few windows and a tarp roof, it works out pretty well. I've improved the beer cooler but it keeps going empty, I might be part of the problem. The temp keeps right around 40 degrees. We've seen moose near our property and some sign at our place but haven't had a confirmed visitor until this morning. I was packing the truck and Russell starting growling, I thought bear because that's your first thought in Alaska, but it ended up being a cow moose. She checked out our compost, potatoes, rhubarb and kept going but in no hurry. Kellie spotted some mustache material on the way out; I had to give it a try.

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